Thursday, June 22, 2006

Third Eye Blind

These guys just played "Semi-Charmed Life" during the halftime show of ArenaBowl's version of the Super Bowl. The choreographics consisted of a bunch of twelve-year olds doing a normal on-field cheerleader dance. What's funny is that they were dancing away while Stephan Jenkins is singing about how "she comes round and she goes down on me" and "doing crystal meth will lift you up until you break"..... funny.
Reminds me of the time Aerosmith sang "Pink" at the Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Awards..... don't know the lyrics? Anyway, 3EB has been rather dormant the last couple years, but they have released some new material. Here's a taste.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Red Hot Chili Peppers - By the Way b-sides

For those that like to complete the collection of songs that didn't make the full length studio albums, you're in for a treat. This is just the start of some pretty hard to find songs. All of these links are fixed!

Body of Water

Out of Range


Rivers of Avalon


Teenager in Love

What is Soul (live)

Search and Destroy (live)

Maida Vale Sessions

Apparently Pearl Jam did a radio interview for a Radio One in the U.K. The DJ asks alot of low-ball questions, but it's not that bad of an interview.
Here ya go.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

My addiction

This addiction has taken over life since March 22, 1993. Did I start smoking or drinking that day? No. It was my first concert (without parents). I'm hooked.

These are just a few of my stubs, I've got another stack boxed up somewhere.... it's amazing to shuffle through these and try to remember each show... speaking of which...

Soul Asylum/Spin Doctors


3-22 Gin Blossoms/??
3-24 Petra
8-16 Stone Temple Pilots/Jawbox/Meat Puppets
9- Soundgarden/Corrosion of Conformity
10-28 Toad the Wet Sprocket/Wild Colonials


3-24 Jimmy Page/Robert Plant
8-26 Live/Vercua Salt/PJ Harvey
9-3 Nitty Gritty Dirt Band


5-3 Bush/Veruca Salt
6-8 Rush
8-14 Wallflowers/Dishwalla


8-22 Matchbox 20/Semisonic/Soul Asylum
10-28 Third Eye Blind/Eve 6


10-22 Garbage/Lit


2-16 Chris Cornell
7-8 Bob Dylan/Phil Lesh
7-29 Counting Crows/Live
10-11 Pearl Jam/Supergrass


3-20 A Perfect Circle/Snake River Conspiracy
8-5 Reel Big Fish/Goldfinger/The Movie Life Homegrown


4-28 Incubus/Hoobastank
8-3 John Mayer/Guster/Martin Sexton
8-26 Dave Matthews Band/ North Mississippi All-Stars
9-1 Jay-Z/311/Hoobastank/N.E.R.D./Nappy Roots
9-27 Jimmy Eat World/Appleseed Cast/Schatzi


4-22 Pearl Jam/Sparta
4-23 Pearl Jam/Sparta
6-18 Pearl Jam/Idlewild
7-29 John Mayer/Counting Crows/Graham Colton
8-7 The Tossers/Floating Otis
9-13 Clutch/Mastadon/Murder One/Throat
10-17 Better Than Ezra w/ s.g. Beck/Kill Hannah
11-4 Third Eye Blind/Josh Kelley
11-7 Ben Folds/Matt Wertz
11-20 Mindless Self Indulgence/Tub Ring/Unclefucker
12-12 Lewis Black/Dave Attell/Mitch Hedburg


2-12 The Urge/Heiruspecs/Logic
6-30 311/The Roots
7-13 Incubus/Sparta The Vines
7-27 The Format/Steel Train/Maxeen/Limbeck
10-5 Pearl Jam/Death Cab For Cutie/Gob Roberts
10-8 Yellowcard/Mae/Lucero
11-4 Chevelle/Shinedown/Silvertide/Future Leaders of the World/Vendetta Red


6-9-12 Bonnaroo Arts & Music Festival Manchester, TN
8-26 cKy/The Knives/Fireball Ministry
9-17 Coldplay/Rilo Kiley
9-24 Better Than Ezra/Michael Tolcher/Rabbit Fighter
10-4 Foo Fighters/Weezer/Kaiser Chiefs


2-25 Black Rebel Motorcycle Club/Elefant
3-11 311 – 311 Day
5-17 Pearl Jam/My Morning Jacket
5-20 HIM/Aiden
6-23 Black Crowes/Robert Randolph/Drive-By Truckers
7-1 Pete Yorn

8-1 311/ The Wailers/Pepper
9-28 VAST/Mardo/Murder Happens
11-__ Old Crow Medicine Show
11-__ Wolfmother/____/____


4-9 Guster/The Format
5- Son Volt/___
6- The Hold Steady/Illinois/
7-2 The Police/Fiction Plane
Elvis Costello
Scott Lucas
Ryan Adams
Jimi HaHa

Coming Soon or keeping fingers crossed for:

8-1 311/The Wailers/Pepper
8-2 Ryan Adams & The Cardinals/Neal Casal
8-19 The Format/Rainer Maria
9-10 Sheryl Crow/John Mayer/Mat Kearney
9-14 Trachtenburg Slideshow Family Players
9-23 Ray Lamontagne/Guster
9-24 Sufjan Stevens

By looking at the list it's obvious that I'm not into one certain band. Sure, there's a few that I've seen multiple times, but how many people have gone to a Dave Matthews Band show and then see Jay-Z five days later? Or cKy with a Coldplay concert a couple weeks apart? I rest my case.

Friday, June 16, 2006

For those that don't mind an optical illusion every now and then.

Thanks Brian!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Who Made Who?

After several years of staring in front of a computer, flipping through albums at the music store, and thumbing past radio stations I just recently figured out where I have heard excerpts of U2's Beautiful Day. Don't bash me for calling Bono unoriginal UNTIL YOU'VE HEARD IT.

The comparisons are relatively easy to find.... just listen to the chorus of Beautiful Day, and listen to the first 40 seconds of Aha doing The Sun Always Shines On TV.

*songs are in AAC format...forgot to convert back to mp3. I'm an iPod junkie*

Beautiful Day -

The Sun Always Shines On TV -

Told you so.

What I'm currently listening to.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Covering Them

This is a short list of a few of my favorite cover songs.

Remember Kelis? Her milkshake brings all the boys to the yard.... and she does a fine Chrissie Hynde impression as well.
Brass In Pocket -

Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters belt out an old Pink Floyd cover.
Have a Cigar -

Snow Patrol rockin it Beyonce & Jay-Z style!
Crazy in Love -

I cannot decide which of these two are better, so I've posted them both. Oasis did a fine job as well. Ladies and gentlemen, Cat Power and Ryan Adams perform Wonderwall.
Cat Power -
Ryan Adams -
Pearl Jam - Chicago - May 17, 2006

Here it is folks... Pearl Jam, United Center, May 17, 2006.

These are broken into four different zipped files... may take a few minutes, but it'll be worth it.

Here's Part 1 - (36.2MB)

Part 2 -

Part 3 - (31.45MB)

Part 4 - (56.86MB)

I can't seem to hyperlink very well.... will post more goodies later...


***update..... Part 4 doesn't seem to be downloading if you click directly on the link. However, I was able to copy and paste the link into a new browser and download the file without any hiccups. Hope this helps.***