Wednesday, September 13, 2006

More b-sides and some Yorn.

I've just hit the jackpot (again) with some pretty HTF stuff. It cost me two fingers and my St. Louis Cardinals wristband, and hopefully you'll appreciate it. So here's a few of the bonus tracks from Pete Yorn's latest album, Nightcrawler, which you'd have to buy FIVE of in order to get them all. Thanks a lot Sony.... jackasses. If you want the others, you've got to visit my friend Heather's site here.... HEY! Don't bitch at me for not putting all seven up on mine! Keep in mind I made sacrifices for the good of Yorn-kind. That being said, here.

Shallow (Friends)

Go With It

The Party

Top Of The World

Can't Hear Anyone

And while you're at it, download some b-sides from Keane or Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Keane - Under The Iron Sea

He Used To Be A Lovely Boy

Let It Slide

Maybe I Can Change

The Iron Sea (Magic Shop Version)

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Stadium Arcadium

Mercy Mercy

End Of Show Lyon (Live)

Whatever We Want



Stu said...

You've just made my night with these Pete Yorn bonus tracks! Thank you very very much!

Lovely said...

Thanks so much for the links. I love Shallow (Friends) and never knew there were other bonus tracks to obtain. You've earned your sainthood among Pete fans by doing this. Much love!

Anonymous said...

Oh my fucking God.
How do you get these bsides? I've pulled many muscles and killed some brain cells trying to get the Keane bsides. Out of the ones you have I can only find let is slide and thats because its so damn popular. he used to be a lovely boy should have been easy to find, and I couldnt and i've never even heard of the other two! You are by far the best person in the world. You have made my month no doubt.

Andy Moore said...

This is an amazing post, I have the regular Pete Yorn Nightcrawler album from the U.K. I really want to get the b-sides/bonus tracks but your bandwidth is exceeded is there any site you know where I can buy them individually?

Monkeyboarder said...

its syas it has excited bandwith any way to fix?

Anonymous said...

can not believe these pete yorn tracks. i've been lookin everywhere for them.

i love you

JimmyJames said...

Hello! Can you re-upload those bonus tracks?! You'd totally be my hero!

Le_Petomane said...

Could someone please re-up pete's b-sides and unreleased songs for me or send them to Thanks in advance