Friday, August 08, 2008

90's Rewind.

This week's selection goes to a band that barely had a one-hit wonder. Philadelphia was the home of Wanderlust, who received heavy airplay on the college radio charts in 1995. I have no idea where I first heard them because college radio stations were non-existent in this area, and with the exception of KTRM, Truman State's station, are still hard to find.

Anyway, if Wanderlust were still around today, they would have been compared to Our Lady Peace and an English version of Oasis. I Walked was their sole hit, and I love it. So download, and enjoy.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

90's Rewind.

With a little influence from a friend that puts up songs on Sundays, I'm going to try and put something up here on a weekly basis. My theme will be based upon the decade of alternative rock that influenced me the most.... the 90's. Once a week I'm going to put up an obscure song that you may or may not recognize.

This week is about The Caulfields. I first heard their song on long defunct WMOS (103.9, The Moose), which was the 99Q of alternative and grunge rock. Circa 1994, I made the trip to Musicland to buy Whirligig, The Caulfields' first album. It has since become one of the most played 90's albums on my iPod, and according to their Myspace page they're known as "That 'bigger than Jesus' band".

Devil's Diary

And they even made a video!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Hope and Fears all in one....

I must've hit the refresh button a thousand times for a half hour straight, seeing this image every time.... hoping to see the BUY NOW button appear.
Then my biggest fears arrive.

Fingers, arms, legs, toes, etc. will be crossed for attempt #2 on Friday.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Whatever Happened to Travis Meeks?

Travis Meeks was the lead singer of Days of the New, who created a major buzz in the post-grunge/alternative scene in the late 90s. I have their first two albums, which I listened to on a daily basis when they were popular.

Then word spread that his band mates couldn't figure out what direction he wanted and quit because "he was getting more and more weird by the day". I don't have a source for that quote, but remember it quite well when the band reformed with a different lead singer, calling themselves Tantric.

So whatever happened to Travis Meeks? He did a third album that did poorly, selling less than 100,000 copies. He was then on a TV Show on A&E. Not a show to brag about either.
Here's Parts 1, 2, & 3 of Travis on Intervention, where he battles his addiction to meth.

Best wishes Travis. I was always in your corner.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Taking a second glance.

Today I got an email from the people at Bonnaroo. Bonnaroo is a big music festival of hippies, rocknroll, and acres of tents held every June in Manchester, TN. At the bottom of the email appeared something rather, well, phallic.

Calm down now..... having been to Bonnaroo I know that the magical exploding mushroom is an illustration of a water fountain at the center court. The water is filthy too.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Goodbye Jeff Healey

I've been a fan of the blues for a long time, but it wasn't SRV, Clapton, or BB King to get me started. My dad bought Jeff Healey's See the Light on CD back in '90. And it wasn't Angel Eyes that got me hooked... River of No Return and Hideaway were the kinds of songs that got me started. But the biggest, greatest song of them all wasn't even his song. He covered Steeler's Wheel's Stuck in the Middle With You in the mid-90s, and I liked it better than the original.