Thursday, February 01, 2007

Where has this past month gone?
My January four-pack of the month.
Wow. The month of January has FLOWN by fast. I've been busy settling into a new school, home, city, etc., but it sure hasn't felt like a month since I've posted something worthwhile.

I'm officially digging this new album from The Hold Steady. There are a couple, just a couple songs that don't really fit in for me but the rest of the album is really tight. I'll be giving a report on their live work in about six weeks. In the meantime I've got some tracks that I'm really hooked on.

Beck's new album has been out for a few months and I'm just now getting the chance to hear his work. The Information is another strange and experimental sound that Beck perfected years ago, and the catchiest song for me just happens to be the one on the radio so much right now. Please don't strike me down for listening to the radio. There isn't much else of a choice here in the frozen armpit of Western Illinois. Here's Think I'm in Love.

Last November the Silversun Pickups were supposed to open for Wolfmother at Mississippi Nights. Something happened, they couldn't play, and some crappy band got their slot and the Silversun's. Our loss. After listening to a few tunes they've got some talent and I like the guitar work. It's got an elegant way of blending in the sharp vocals and I approve of the song Lazy Eye. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I will be able to see them return to St. Louis, opening for Snow Patrol this time.

Much like the way I've been a fan of the Boondock Saints movie sooo much longer than the rest of the world I've also been equally fond of The Shins. I knew about them long before Garden State and Zach Braff plugging away at their music. Their new song about two lesbian girls, Phantom Limb, is a bit on the pop-friendly side but still manages to be shy enough that it won't get picked apart by the radio stations (hopefully). The album itself, Wincing the Night Away, is another pretty solid addition to their career and will likely be one of the best of '07. Yes they are a trendy band and it's cool if you like them, but it's even cooler to have been a fan of them before everyone else jumps on the wagon.

With recent word that Tempe-based Jimmy Eat World will be releasing a new album soon they've played a few new songs at recent shows. Big Casino is not only a new song but is also partially named after a side project lead singer Jim Adkins was a part of, named Go Big Casino. Their last album Futures and Stay on My Side Tonight EP are incredible works of musical craftsmanship. Both contain the usual mainstream-friendly songs but also include some very serious songs that you don't clap your hands to, and I'm hoping for the same results with their upcoming release. If you like Jimmy Eat World enough to listen to their live stuff, check out the Jimmy Eat World Media Archive. There you can download entire concerts with good sound quality. I was shocked to find the Kirksville, MO, show I went to 4.5 years ago was on the front page.

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