Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Whatever Happened to Travis Meeks?

Travis Meeks was the lead singer of Days of the New, who created a major buzz in the post-grunge/alternative scene in the late 90s. I have their first two albums, which I listened to on a daily basis when they were popular.

Then word spread that his band mates couldn't figure out what direction he wanted and quit because "he was getting more and more weird by the day". I don't have a source for that quote, but remember it quite well when the band reformed with a different lead singer, calling themselves Tantric.

So whatever happened to Travis Meeks? He did a third album that did poorly, selling less than 100,000 copies. He was then on a TV Show on A&E. Not a show to brag about either.
Here's Parts 1, 2, & 3 of Travis on Intervention, where he battles his addiction to meth.

Best wishes Travis. I was always in your corner.

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