Thursday, July 06, 2006

cKy - Stay together for the kids

Seems singerguitarist Deron Miller of punk-metal band cKy (Camp Kill Yourself) is going through some battles right now. While playing a show on June 24, Miller blacked out, threw his guitar across the stage, and walked off... prompting the band to do so as well. After researching this incident, Miller has posted a message on the front page of their site. He has admitted to having an alcohol problem and is going to seek treatment. After reading it and pages upon pages of posts of their message board I can only imagine how difficult it really is to differentiate work from play. These guys play their asses off every night, and then party until the next show begins. Hangovers are hangovers no matter who you are, and I have no idea how a band like this can play hundreds of shows a year with the headache of last nights' boozefest weighing in so heavily. Don't waste your time reading the posts on the message board, as they are chock-full of twelve-year old skaters who only know of the band because their older brother has some old tapes of Jackass on MTV. Lots of hatin'. Their target audience may be a few years younger than me, but they are still a great band to see live. Throw on your Chuck Taylor's and drop a twenty to see them.... after Deron's recovery. Best wishes Deron.

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