Sunday, July 02, 2006


Just went to see Pete Yorn yesterday, man...what a show! He is one the most polite musicians I've met. Seems very humbled by the number of fans who like his music. I was a complete scavenger after the show and robbed a used drumstick and a couple of guitar picks. I bought his only-available-on-the-acoustic-tour 6 song EP, and would like to share it.

1. The Man - link fixed!

2. Never My Love

3. Don't Mean Nothing

4. The Good Advice

5. Lions

6. The Golden Road


inkymitts said...

Thanks for putting these up - found Strange Condition last year & had to get the cd. But I've managed to lose it!
btw - I think you have Never My Love up there twice, and no 'The Man'

Carnival of Voices said...

Thanks making these songs available. I, a european fan, wouldn't have known how to ever get this ep. do you happen to know who produced these tracks? I know Pete Yorn worked with Michael Beinhorn and I really would like to hear what they did together.

heather said...

Isn't that an excellent little EP?