Thursday, September 14, 2006

For those of you going crazy downloading all of my Pete Yorn goodies....

Please email me or leave a comment if you are collecting his in-store shows. I'm trading what I've got for what you've got. Here's my list:
*5-6-06 Minneapolis, MN @ Electric Fetus
*6-20-06 Claremont, CA @ Rhino Records
*6-23-06 Long Beach, CA @ Fingerprints
*6-28-06 Austin, TX @ Waterloo Records
*6-30-06 Lawrence, KS @ Kief's
*7-1-06 St. Louis, MO @ Vintage Vinyl
*7-2-06 Madison, WI
*7-6-06 Columbus, OH @ Singing Dos Records
*7-7-06 Louisville, KY @ Ear X-Tacy
*7-8-06 Buffalo, NY @ New World Record
*7-10-06 Rochester, NY @ Record Archive
*7-12-06 Boston, MA @ Newbury Comics
*7-13-06 Baltimore, MD @ Tape and Record Trader
*7-19-06 Birmingham, AL @ Laser's Edge
*8-9-06 Richmond, VA @ Plan 9
*NJ Vintage Vinyl
*Denver, CO @ Twist n Shout Records
Also have:
7-11-05 Grand Rapids, MI full concert
That's all for now.... g'night.

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Aliasfanalways said...

I would love love to trade discs; it'd just mean so much. Sent you a message via Myspace. Thanks for the fantastic blogs about Pete!