Thursday, September 14, 2006

Now it's time to rant. The latest cold front has forced me to start driving my car again, and I'm pissed. I bought a scooter last March, and saved a ton of money while getting 130mpg. Refusing to accept that summer is coming to an end, here's a few tracks I meant to post back when I was celebrating the fresh, warm temperatures.

The Busters - Summertime
It's a fun ska riff that drives the Europeans mad. The Busters are the arguably the best ska band to come from Germany. The song is from their Live From Montreaux album.

Incubus - Summer Romance (Anti-Gravity Love Song)
Don't really know why I picked this song. I listened to alot of Incubus a couple years ago, but I've lost interest lately as their fanbase went from rock-alternative guys with those goofy gauged ears to a bunch of screaming 14-year old girls that can't believe that guy up on stage can play a guitar and sing at the same time.

The Sundays - Summertime
This band was a pop-friendly band of the '90s. Harriet Wheeler's voice has a high tone to it, similar to Natalie Merchant or Jewel but not as annoying as that girl from Sixpence None the Richer. Their only other hit I am aware of was a cover of the Rolling Stones' Wild Horses. Their website hasn't been updated in ten years. Check it out sometime.

Chuck Prophet - Summertime Thing
Whenever I hear this song I think of sitting on the back deck, drinking a few beers on a hot July afternoon with my closest of friends. Odd that I never played this song around any of them, but whatever.

Don Henley - Boys of Summer
A classic that has been covered more times than I can count, and still can't match Henley's version. Glad to see he's still writing music, and even gladder that he hasn't resorted to Disney songs like Phil Collins.

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