Monday, November 13, 2006

Concert review #2: Pete Yorn
Another long night. Another Pete Yorn show. I had a blast once again, and there were a few surprises in store. First off, the Blue Note is the best venue for concerts that I've been to and for those keeping score at home like I am, I've been to dozens of places. Here's my list. Anyway, the night started off by getting the chance to meet someone I just mentioned in the last post. Since that last post I've learned that Jeff Sweatman, radio personality for KBXR, has shocked the world by moving on and taking a new job on the east coast. As soon as I got inside I saw Liz, another BXR-ite, and asked her if Jeff was around. He was standing just a couple feet from me. We spoke briefly about his move and I wish him the best of luck.

The tickets, as pictured above, say 7PM. When I see 7pm, that's what time I expected the show to start, not what time the doors opened. Whatever. After talking with Jeff I headed up the stairs to meet up with the other three friends that left me behind in the lobby, expecting them to be sitting at one of the many tables and chairs in the balcony. WHAT?!? The tables and chairs are gone! They've converted everything over to levels of permanent rows and seats, and that's a bummer. I guess this happened about a year and a half ago, but it's been awhile since I was there. Onto the show.

When I saw Pete play last July Minibar was just there as a supporting band. I was clueless to the thought they had a lead singer and rhythm guitarist. Their ranking as an opening act of the shows I've been to this year rank at the top in a tie with My Morning Jacket. Sensational guitar work paired with strong vocals and that drummer that worked his ass off again. I regret not having enough money with me to buy their CD.

Pete comes to the stage and opens with I Feel Good Again. He also played For Us, Undercover, and LOAC (Life on a Chain) soon after. He tells us some story about helping his friend move and then sings Closet as a tribute. The crowd was just as responsive as they were in St. Louis, only the Blue Note doesn't offer as much of an intimate setting as Blueberry Hill's Duck Room. There were girls dancing all over the place, guys jumping around and shouting the lyrics back, word for word. There was a pretty rowdy section at stage left too... not pushy or violent, but the cheering from that part of the floor was just little louder than the rest. On Your Side was a tribute to Sarah.

Somewhere through the rest of the setlist Crystal Village, Strange Condition, and The Man are blended in. I would have written out a setlist, but had a cup in one hand and a pitcher of beer in the other the entire night. He ended with Suspicious Minds, prompted me to catch up with two of my friends that got lost in the crowd. Erin and I danced our tails off. Thanks girl... love ya. While stopping in Kingdom City for caffeine and burritos I met two girls that were on their way back to St. Louis. They remembered me from the StL show! Then they told me the reason they recognized me is because they said I was wearing the same shirt at the last show. What an observation! It certainly wasn't planned, but after thinking back they are right.

Something tells me this isn't my best writing. I'm still worn out from the two-hour drive back home and then going to work at 5AM. Thankfully it was only for a couple hours. I don't believe I could write reviews for a living if they had to be done within 24 hours of the show. I'll probably edit this post just so I can add a couple pics later. I think I'm going to go back to bed too.

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