Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Four-pack of the Month
This month's selections are derived straight from the one radio station I would sell my vital organs to hear on a daily basis, KBXR. They are the only station I've found that was worth listening to online... they stream 24 hours a day! When you hear their motto "Columbia's QUALITY Rock", who cares about the grainy internet sound quality, it's the music quality you're after. No Nickelback, Buckcherry, Good Charlotte. You rarely hear the same song twice in three hours, and even the commercial breaks are tolerable. So thank you Simon, Jeff, Liz, and Spencer, for playing what I want... no... NEED to hear. Lots of emphasis on QUALITY.

Let's start with Shawn Colvin. I've liked her for a long time, although the only music I've heard came from A Few Small Repairs (and YES, the album name came from memory!). If the album name or HER name for that matter don't ring a bell, just listen to any Adult Contemporary station and you'll soon hear "Sunny Came Home". Blah.. It's a good song, but "You and the Mona Lisa", and "Nothin' on Me" were so much better. The world threw her to the wolves quickly after this album, much like Paula Cole and Meredith Brooks, who along with Colvin are still writing and making music. Her new album is titled These Four Walls. I heard Colvin's new song, Fill Me Up, and it's not bad at all. Reminds me of Kathleen Edwards, who rocks my world. Give it a listen, I don't think you'll be disappointed. Fill Me Up

Next up is a band that I've never heard until tonight, and I'm instantly attracted. The Hold Steady have a sound so reminiscent of Thin Lizzy that I did a quick Wikipedia search to make sure Phil Lynott didn't father any budding musicians before his death in 1986. Anyway, they've got a hip new song from the album Boys and Girls in America called Hot Soft Light.

I've always liked Robert Randolph and the Family Band. They're a mulitcultural funk and soul band from somewhere in the south. Their concerts are lively and full of long steel guitar solos which I will never grow tired of hearing. I got the chance to see them open for the Black Crowes and the only thing that disappointed me in the performance was that Robert walked onto a stage in St. Louis wearing a New York Mets Jersey. Bad Robert Bad. Anyway, they've got a new album called Colorblind, with the single Thrill of It to turn the album's sales up a notch.

I didn't get to watch the game. I missed the hype, the story, everything about it. Working in the media, being a music and sports junkie, I failed in seeing the return of the New Orleans Saints to the Superdome. I love me some football, I admire the music that Green Day and U2 have both released in the last few years. No, I'm not going to believe that Billie Joe or Bono are going to save the world, but I do believe they are making some damn good music that just happens to be relevant to today's issues. I cannot seem to track down the Wake Me When September Ends-The Saints Are Coming-Beautiful Day track in its entirety, but this should do just fine. For those that don't like live music, here is U2 in the studio; The Saints are Coming. For those that don't mind a little crowd reaction, here. The Saints Are Coming - Live

Watch this video - it's powerful. moving. raises every hair on my body every time I even think of the title of the song.

Could Bono have made a better transition from "Saints" to"Beautiful Day" with the line "after the flood all the colors came out"? That's poetic and I like it.

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