Wednesday, October 11, 2006

My Four-pack of the month.
Okay, it looks as if Fileden, my beloved host for the music I want you to listen to, has decided to cooperate with me.... for now.... So I now introduce something a bit on the lazy side. I have seen many fellow bloggers post five to six new songs on a weekly basis and call it a weekly six-pack, maybe doing it on the same day of the week. Not me. I'm going to do a six-pack when I want, and can't even guarantee that it will have six songs. Let's try once a month.

This is a package of songs dedicated to recent covers.

Jamie Cullum - When I first heard All at Sea back in 2004, I couldn't get enough of this guy. Who can with that a raspy voice with a smooth blend of piano. Over the summer I was in a sporting goods store while fulfilling my frisbee golf habit, and I heard a song playing over the Muzak. I was confused because I recognized the voice but knew it didn't match the version I've heard and been in love with for over five years. After checking out I went straight to school to figure out this musical mystery. Jamie Cullum covered Doves' "Catch the Sun" on his Catching Tales album. In the liner notes Cullum admits he was a little nervous about not just covering this song, but including it in his album. He feared people wouldn't take it seriously because of how current the song is, even though it's six years old. I don't think he made a bad decision at all. You won't either by taking a few minutes to listen. Catch the Sun

Speaking of piano playing dudes, Ben Folds has always shown his witty and creative side by littering his nerdy-piano songs with minor tirades of profanity, and this one tops 'em all! The tempo in this version is slowed down drastically from the version Dr. Dre threw down during his days "in the LBC". I've never heard such an offensive song sound so serious. Bitches Ain't Shit

As you all know I am a Pete Yorn junkie. I've recently discovered that Nancy Sinatra covered Don't Mean Nothing, from Yorn's Westerns EP. You'd swear that she simply borrowed the music and laid down her own vocals, but there are a few differences.
The Pure Prarie League is an old country-folk rock band from the 70's. The only song I know from them was covered a while back by band that has been known to fit a similar description as the PPL. Listening to Counting Crows for an extended period of time can become a bit cumbersome, but give them a listen as they sing Amie.

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