Thursday, October 12, 2006

The Real Fan

Earlier today at school I saw a kid wearing a Boondock Saints t-shirt. I've been in a few classes with him before and asked him how long he'd been a fan of the movie. It was the typical "This is my favorite movie of all time because I knew about it before it became big." Uh huh.

I attempted to stump his superior knowledge by telling the story of how it was released on DVD, then went out-of-print, then was available on VCD only, then re-released on DVD with the cover that everyone has in their living room. If you have this movie, you most likely paid ten bucks for it out of the bargain bin at your local big box retailer.

I'm not trying to sound like a Lord of the Rings or Star Wars dork, but dammit.... why are some people so stuck in their ways? So to prove my whole theory right, here. This is the original cover, so rare that when the movie was out-of-print it was fetching over fifty bucks on Ebay. I would know because I was one of the many impatient people who couldn't wait any longer.

Take your whole "big crusher guy theory" and shove it! I just hope you're not waiting for the second Boondock movie to be released. The Chicago Cubs will win the World Series before that happens.

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kingseyeland said...

Never quite understood the fascination with that one. Maybe it's because Willem Dafoe makes Shatner look understated. It's okay, but the hype among the 14-23 age bracket is a bit insane.